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 Welcome to our site. There are several parts on genealogy. These are growing rapidly with information from contributors. There are a number of trees in the database. One originating from Delft, one from Zaandam and one from Haruku in the Moluccas. There is a Ferdinand(s) tree originating from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and now spread worldwide.

Whilst investigating the Ferdinand(u)(s) name I have come across many Ferdinandusse's. Often this is their name, sometimes they are part of one of the other trees, and sometimes a name spelt differently belongs in the Ferdinandusse tree. What has started out as a collection of Ferdinandusse individuals only for purposes of identfying misspelled names, has now also grown into a tree, and is published here as well.

This genealogy project though started by me is reliant mainly on contributions from others. People who have told me their direct ancestors, or who have contributed their research so far. Some keep me in mind whilst doing their own research and alert me when coming across information that may be of value to me. Some want to contribute a page on one of their ancestors. All of this is very welcome and much appreciated.

Is your surname Ferdinandus / Ferdinand / Ferdinands / Ferdinandusse to? Do you have any further information on the family tree or about individual members? Do you have new ideas for research ? Do you know people who have access to sources of data I have not used yet? Please contact me on Genealogy@Ferdinandus.com


Edmond Ferdinandus



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